Hello, I'm Hannah, welcome to Fancy Nancy Workshop!

A little about me and where I started: I have been designing and handcrafting leather dog collars for the past thirteen years. Recently I have decided my business was in need of a serious update, and I needed to redesign the whole shopping experience. My previous company Made2Measure-LeatherWorks has had a total revamp and I am proud to announce the evolution to Fancy Nancy Workshop!

I now have a shop full of collars for you to choose from (this will continue to grow) but you also still have the option to place a custom order.

The Name: my pride and joy Nancy is the inspiration for the new name. I made my first dog collar for her and the rest is history.


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Welcome to the new Custom Experience!!

There are 10 sections to choose from.

To Custom order simply list your choices , 1 -10 in the contact form.

Along with your

@ name

@ postal address

@ email adress

@ preferred method of payment (palypal or bank transfer)

1. Choose your design

2. Choose your fastening

3. Measurements

For the half check & leather slip I need three measurements detailed in the diagram.

For a clip collar I need exact measurements as this collar will not be adjustable. Let me know the measurement you would like this collar to measure on the inside when fastened up including the clip. If you already have a clip collar lay it flat next to a tape measure and send me a photo.

Any help you may need to get measurements right just ask I'm happy to help.

To measure for a buckle up collar: I need the measurement below the buckle ( where the leather wraps around the buckle ) to the hole you use.

You can just choose a size from my guide if that is easier for you . Or you have the option to select a custom size.

4. Choose a width

5. Main leather colour

6. Choose a padding (lining) colour

7. Choose the plaiting colour

You can choose one or multiple colours

8. Stone colour

You can choose one or multiple

9. Choose your decoration

*If you do not want one just write n/a

10. Choose thread colour

Bonus option - matching lead

*You can add a matching lead, check out the styles .

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